Back to School Shopping with Essential Oils – Part 3

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on August 31, 2016

Back to School with Essential Oils

As we finish out our 3 part series on Back to School Shopping with Essential Oils today, keep in mind that these are just a FEW of our favorites!  There are many more oils, products, and supplements that are so beneficial to help maintain and support our bodies for overall wellness.  The most comforting feeling of using Young Living products on our children is the fact that they are the only company that offers a Seed to Seal guarantee!  This is a huge deal, y’all!  Do you know how your products are being handled before they make it to you?  Do you have any idea the steps it takes to process an oil with the purest quality possible?  Watch this video to see the incomparable steps Young Living takes to deliver the finest products to their customers.

Vacation in a Bottle – STRESS AWAY

This amazing blend of Lime, Vanilla, Copaiba, Cedarwood, Ocotea, and Lavender oils was uniquely designed to help combat the normal tensions from everyday life that creep in on each one of us.  It is a very relaxing, comforting, and emotionally balancing blend of essential oils.  It is my “go to” perfume!  What other perfume do you know of that supports emotional balance AND reduces tension?  And don’t let the word perfume scare you.  My husband and sons enjoy Stress Away just as much as I do.  This oil is perfect for the student that is anxious, worried, or tense over going to school due to testing, fitting in, or just needing a comforting environment.  And it smells amazing!!!  Put a drop or two on your wrists, behind the ears or neck, and/or temples.  We also like to diffuse Stress Away, put in the bath (along with Epsom salts), and just simply inhale deep breaths from the bottle.  It makes a perfect oil for diffuser necklaces, so you can breathe it in all day as needed.

The Daily Trials of School

Mental Alertness/Maintaining Focus/Concentration – CLARITY

Clarity is a powerful blend of twelve essential oils that are designed to promote alertness and mental concentration.  This blend is great for the distracted child who has mental or nervous fatigue, unfocused attention, or is needing a boost to regain focus.  Apply a drop or two to the wrists, behind ears, back of neck in the mornings before school.  Diffusing and directly inhaling are also great ways to benefit from this powerful blend.

Respiratory Support – BREATHE AGAIN ROLL-ON

Breathe Again is a unique blend of essential oils including 4 different types of Eucalyptus oils, that comes in a specially formulated roll on applicator.  It makes it super handy and convenient to use during times of supporting any respiratory issues.  With the seasonal changes in weather quickly approaching, this blend of essential oils is a “must have” in our arsenal.  It can be rolled over the chest, forehead, sinus cavities, throat, upper back (lung area), or on the bottoms of the feet to support your respiratory system.  Our family likes to pair RC essential oil to the Breath Again for maintaining the support we need during times of congestion, respiratory, and sinus relief.

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I mentioned at the beginning of the post, that these different essential oils that we chose to discuss as part of our Back to School with Essential Oil series are only a handful of the oils in our arsenal.  I’d love to chat with you about the benefits of Young Living’s therapeutic essential oils and how they could benefit you, your family, home, and pets.  They have become a part of our family’s everyday routine, and still amaze me at all the ways we can use them.  I hope you have enjoyed these recent posts, and welcome any feedback or questions you might have.

Feel free to contact me if you would like more information on these or any items within the Young Living product line. If you do not use Young Living products, we would love to have you join our team and experience many benefits found in using their products. Check out the benefits of becoming a member.

Cyndi Stewart is a co-founder and leader of Diffusing Hope. She is well-versed in Young Living Essential Oils and uses them faithfully to support the wellness goals that she has set for her family. 

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