The Faithfulness of a Praying Mother

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on May 8, 2016

When sitting down to type out a post to my Mom, I got to thinking about some words/phrases that I would use to describe her. Many came to mind but the most important (and perhaps powerful) description is that she is a Faithful, Praying Mother.

I have vivid memories of the times I would hear Mom pray when I was little. And when I say that she prayed, I don’t mean the type of prayers that you say at a meal time or right before bedtime, but the kind of prayers where she would loudly cry out and plead with God for what seemed like a long time. I believe that she saw this faithfully modeled out for her by both of my Grandmothers while she was growing up (my parents’ families went to church and grew up together).

the-faithfulness-of-a-praying-motherI often think about the struggles, hardship, and loss that Mom has experienced in her life. From a young age, she was witness to the devastating effects of the sinful choices of others. As ashamed as I am to say this, I was a cause of some of Mom’s hard times in life as well.

I was a disrespectful, ungrateful, and rebellious kid growing up and I progressed further as a wayward, arrogant, and sinful young man in my early twenties. I had no care for who or how my actions affected those around me. We would argue at different times about what was right or wrong. I knew it was a fruitless argument. She would never approve of my choices. She couldn’t. She knew the devastating effects that purposely walking in sin would have on my life and those around me.

I knew, without a doubt, that she loved me. I knew she fasted and prayed for me. I knew that her prayers were not for me to feel comfort or even that she and I would be in right relationship (though, I know she wanted that as well). Her prayer was that God would convict me and call me out of my sin at all costs. Thankfully, He saved me from the depths of my sinfulness and continues to work on me daily. I cannot help but think how life might be different if I didn’t have a Mom that called out my name in prayer every day. Now, I know that she also calls out Cyndi’s name and the names of each of my children in prayer every day as well. I’m ashamed to say that I fall short of doing this myself on a daily basis.

I believe that God allows everything for a reason. He will work everything for our best and his purpose. I see that now as Mom will come alongside those that are hurting and walk with them through painful times. She could not do that if she walked a life of comfort. She can walk with them because she has experienced their depths of despair and knows that the only hope lies in faithfully bringing it to God and trusting him to do what’s best.

I’m so grateful for the faithfulness of a praying Mother. I love you, Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!

This post was a tribute to Jon’s mother, Darlean Stewart. She is a member of the Diffusing Hope team and one of the main reasons for the name of the site and organization. Many have experienced hope because of Darlean’s desire to honor the Lord with her testimony. You can connect with Darlean by checking out her profile.

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