3 Ways to Use Essential Oils Effectively

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on April 13, 2016

Three Ways To Use Essential Oils Effectively

So, you’ve taken the plunge and purchased a Premium Starter Kit? Whether you’ve attended a class, met with someone one on one, talked with a friend, or just researched about essential oils on your own, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what exactly to do with your new starter kit.  If you haven’t already opened your box and started exploring all the goodness inside there, please do yourself a favor and simply OPEN THAT BOX!  So…..start unpacking those lovely little bottles of wellness and let’s get started with the 3 most common ways to use your oils effectively.


Inhalation is a highly effective way for essential oils to enter through your system. While inhalation is thought of as one of the least effective methods, it often underestimated.  It’s one of the simplest ways to use your essential oils, and you do it every time you take the cap off the bottle.   You naturally inhale the tiny molecules of the oils each time the cap comes off.  Bet you didn’t even realize you were actually inhaling ;)!

  • Inhaling – Place a drop in the palm of your hand and slowly work your way up to taking long deep breaths of your chosen oil.  A few great oils to start out with are Lavender, Stress Away, or Frankincense.  These oils are very gentle and have a calm, relaxing effect.
  • Diffusing – You can place 2-3 drops of desired oil and follow the directions that came with your diffuser. Please remember not to go over the water line, because it could cause damage to your diffuser.


Young Living’s Seed to Seal guarantee and NEW Vitality Dietary Line allows us to safely ingest oils. I DO NOT recommend any other oil to be ingested other than Young Living’s Vitality Line.

  • Under the tongue – Placing a drop under your tongue allows for immediate absorption and entering into your blood stream. If you find the oil is a little too hot or uncomfortable for you, a little drop or so of your choice of carrier oil (coconut, extra virgin olive oil, etc) will help ease the discomfort.
  • Vegetable Capsules (Size “0” or “00” – Which can be purchased through YL or your local health food store may have them too.) – Place the suggested amount of essential oils in a clear vegetable capsule and fill the rest of the way with a carrier oil (again…coconut, extra virgin olive oil, etc).
  • Ingesting – Adding a few drops of citrus Vitality oils (Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Citrus Fresh) to your water can be very refreshing.  NEVER drink out of plastic or styrofoam cups!!!  Always use glass or stainless steel.


When applying oils directly to the skin, there are two ways to do this – “neat” or “undiluted” (both of these methods are done by applying the oil directly on the skin without a carrier oil) OR “diluted” (which is applying WITH a carrier oil).  There’s such a wide variety of carrier oils available.  Some of the more common ones are extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, Young Living’s V-6, grapeseed, and sweet almond oil.  While this list is not conclusive, there are others that work well too.  So how will you know if an oil needs to be diluted?  Carrier oils are perfect for any essential oil that might cause skin irritation or sensitivity, for ones considered to be a “hot” oil, or to spread the oil over a larger area.  It is important to look at the bottle label for directions, because each oil will have different amounts of oil to use due the viscosity of that particular oil.

Tips for Topical Use:

  • If you find that the oil you chose to apply is “HOT’, always dilute with a carrier oil and never try to wipe it away with water. That will just cause it to have more of a burning effect. (Ex. of “HOT” oils Thieves, Peppermint, Digize, Clove, Cinnamon just to name a few.)
  • If using on babies and children or someone with sensitive skin, always dilute to be on the safe side.
  • When covering a large area, it’s generally best to use a carrier oil along with desired essential oils.
    This will allow you to cover the larger area, without losing the effectiveness.
  • Be sure to keep oils away from the eyes. If you happen to get an oil in your eye or forget to wash your hands and rub your eyes, just place a drop or two of carrier oil on a paper towel and swipe the area of the eye.  Never use water to wash it out!  Oils and water do not mix.
  • Never place oils inside the ear. You can put them directly behind and in front of the ear.
  • If adding oils to your bath for a soak, using epsom salts will allow the oils to disburse throughout the tub and will not leave the oils floating at the top.
  •  If you’re ever in doubt of where to place an oil, our feet are like a road map to our bodies (See the Vita Flex Foot Chart below).  By placing the desired oils directly on the feet, it will enter into your bloodstream at a much faster pace, and allow the oil to go directly to the area that is needing the support.

Vita-Flex Foot Chart

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